To be a world-class industrial wastewater system solution expert, so that water resources can be recycled

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With the ability for continuous innovation, EBOEP is constantly exploring and practicing, and is committed to solving various industrial wastewater problems with systematic methods, so as to continuously create value for customers.

Industrial Park Wastewater
High efficiency and low energy consumption, systematic solution
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Municipal Sewage
Safe and stable with resource reuse and modular application
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Textile Wastewater
Low cost in wastewater recycling and embedded solutions
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Chemical Wastewater
Security, resource recovery with embedded solutions
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Pharmaceutical Wastewater
Safety and systematization
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Food Processing Wastewater
Reduce processing cost by energy recovery
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Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater
Anaerobic methanation for resource utilization
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Winery and Distillery Wastewater
Resource recovery and excess sludge reduction
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Beer and Beverages Wastewater
Energy cost and water consumption reduction, resource recovery
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Ebo highly focuses on technology innovation and has developed a wide range of technologies in the field of wastewater treatment. With these patented technologies, Ebo has the capability to offer better solutions in variety of industries.

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