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E2NRTM: Energy Efficient Nutrient Removal System

E2NRTM is a high efficiency, and low energy consumption biological wastewater treatment modular integrated solution developed by EBOEP, composing low energy consumption biochemical sewage treatment technology, and process packages.

E2NRTM is used in domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater to solve the problem of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus removal, and resource recovery with low energy consumption.

• Anaerobic, and anoxic design;
• Aeration reduction, ultra-low energy consumption;
• Sludge production reduction, saving sludge treatment costs;
• Waste recycling, energy saving, and GHGs emission reduction.

Application scenario
• Systematic design of new sewage plants;
• The energy-saving renovation project of sewage plant;
• Sewage plant upgrading projects.