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UAEBTM: Upflow Anaerobic Expanded Bioreactor

The upflow anaerobic expanded bioreactor (UAEBTM) generates sludge bed expansion in low-concentration municipal sewage through accurate anaerobic control, and realizes the real COD methanation, and resource recovery.

The UAEBTM reactor is applied to the front end of the main biochemical system of urban, and industrial wastewater to meet the demand of customers for adjustable COD removal, and recovery. Follow-up with EBOEP’s self-designed anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology (UAMMOX®), and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification technology(EBO-SNDTM), realizes the real sense of low energy consumption, low emission pollution, and recycling of sewage treatment.

• Controllable, and adjustable COD removal rate
• COD can be used as a supplement for high-quality carbon sources, and as a resource for methane
• Strong impact resistance, and high durability

Application scenario
• Industrial (park) sewage treatment plant that needs to improve pre-treatment capacity,
• Reconstruction operation project that needs to reduce carbon source addition
• Energy-saving renovation projects for existing sewage plants