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EACRTM: Enhanced Anaerobic Carbon Recycle System

EBOEP used the self-developed anaerobic hydrolysis treatment control technology, and new reactor design to jointly ferment the waste sludge from the secondary clarifier with large particles of organic matter from the primary clarifier. According to the different requirements of customers, biogas (CH4), and volatile fatty acids (VFA) are recovered in different stages of the anaerobic reaction to achieve efficient carbon recovery, and utilization in the operation process of the wastewater treatment plant.

• Reduce operating costs: Promote the removal of nitrogen, and phosphorus from sewage plants without additional carbon sources. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%.
• Reduce residual sludge: The waste sludge is recycled into the carbon source recovery system as a raw material to produce biogas, and carbon source for removing nitrogen, and phosphorus.
• Resources utilization: Natural gas can be produced by EACRTM can be purified, recycling, and use for other processes.

Application scenario
• Energy-saving renovation projects for existing sewage plants;
• Upgrade projects that need to resolve excessive total nitrogen in the effluent, and provide additional carbon sources;
• Different legal requirements of biogas residues can be used as fertilizers.