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EBO-AOPTM: Catalytic Oxidation Technology

EBO-AOPTM catalytic oxidation technology including EBO-O3TM、EBO-Fenton®.

EBO-O3TM Reactor uses ozone to remove pollutants from water. This technology has the advantages of having high efficiency, a wide application range, and no secondary pollution, and can be widely used in various types of sewage treatment systems.

EBO-O3TM technology limits the bubble size to the micro-nano level through the micro-nano bubble generation technology, effectively solving the problem of low ozone utilization rate. In addition, EBO-AOPTM oxidation catalyst will occur ozone hydroxylation, enhancing the redox potential up to 2.8V, at the same time being able to absorb organic compounds in catalyst surface, as is beneficial for the hydroxyl free radical oxidation.

EBO-Fenton® Reactor
With unique structure, and full automatic control, the reaction efficiency is close to the theoretical value; the reactor utilizes highly reactive free radical oxidation to decompose the degradation-resistant organic pollutants in water, as widely used in the deep treatment of wastewater.