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Industrial Park Wastewater

The industrial park has a wide range of wastewater with complex components, it also has significant variations in the water quantity and quality. There is great operational risk in the industrial park due to the enterprises operating within. Most of the wastewater has been pretreated or even treated in-depth by the enterprises in the park. However, with a large proportion of non-degradable organic pollutants; the industrial park enterprise production accidents lead to impact risk on the wastewater treatment system and results in the inability to meet the COD and TN standards. 

It is important to understand the industrial category of the park to control the production wastewater treatment system of the enterprises, and to use the systematic solutions to ensure that the wastewater treatment system of the industrial park is safe, stable, up to standard, efficient and energy-saving.

According to the production situation and water quality characteristics of enterprises in different industrial parks, we continuously provide customers with systematic solutions and services for the wastewater treatment system with the ability for continuous innovation.

E2NRTM – a biochemical process system, provides high efficiency and low energy consumption solutions to ensure that the outflow can meet the discharge standards, save energy and reduce consumption.

UHASB® provides biological chain-breaking technology, improves BOD/ COD value, degrades organic nitrogen and organic phosphorus, and has strong impact resistance to water quality change.

EBO-AOPTM (EBO-Fenton® , and EBO-O3TM) ensure the removal of COD in advanced treatment.