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Textile Wastewater

Highlights: safety, low cost, wastewater recycling, embedded solutions

Wastewater from printing and dyeing is one of the kinds of industrial wastewater which is difficult to be treated because of its various types and complex water quality. The wishes of many companies under the premise of meeting the standards are: to reduce the use of chemical agents, excess sludge, energy consumption, and operating costs, as well as increase water reuse, system recycling (heat recovery, alkali recovery, auxiliary recovery, water recovery, etc.), and maintain zero discharge of wastewater. With the development of printing and dyeing industry and the continuous innovation of printing and dyeing technology, the quality of wastewater is also changing. These problems have been restricting the development of printing and dyeing enterprises. Focusing on the difficulties of wastewater from printing and dyeing, EBOEP continued to innovate, and adopt the system solution thinking in order to help printing and dyeing enterprises realize their wishes.

EBOEP has more than ten years of engineering practice experience in improving printing and dyeing wastewater systems, and has provided wastewater solutions for the entire textile and printing industry.
EBOEP system solution technology consists of pretreatment, chemical technology, biotechnology, recycling technology, resource recovery technology, zero emission technology and other process technology combinations to provide customers with embedded system solutions.