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Chemical Wastewater

There are many types of chemical wastewater, complex components, and most of them are wastewater with high concentration, high color, high salt content, many toxic and harmful substances, and many difficult-to-biodegradable substances, which are difficult to treat. Chemical companies including coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry and fine chemical industry attach great importance to system safety and stability and waste recycling, and have been committed to finding green development methods to reduce pollutant discharge, reduce waste water discharge, and strengthen resource recovery. 

Combining the understanding of the production process of chemical enterprises, according to the actual water quality characteristics of different chemical wastewater, the embedded system is used to solve the problem, the whole process from the source to the terminal is systematically controlled, quality and flow are divided, to ensure that the chemical wastewater treatment system is safe and stable. Resource recovery, high efficiency and energy saving.

EBO-E2NRTM technology provides a high-efficiency and low-energy biochemical process system solution to ensure that wastewater meets the standard discharge and energy saving.

UHASB® up-flow hydrolysis acidification reactor is used in the biochemical pretreatment of chemical wastewater. It provides biological chain scission technology, improves chemical bioactivity, degrades organic nitrogen and organic phosphorus, and has strong impact resistance to changes in water quantity and quality.

EBO-Fenton® Fenton Catalytic Oxidation Technology and EBO-O3TM Ozone Catalytic Oxidation Technology can be used for the front-end removal of toxic and hazardous substances to ensure the safe and stable operation of the biochemical process, or for the removal of COD in the terminal advanced treatment.