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Food Processing Wastewater

Highlights: reduce processing cost, energy recovery

The food industry has a wide range of raw materials and products, and the amount and quality of waste water discharge varies greatly. The content of organic matter and suspended matter in food waste water is high (such as oil and protein), easily rots, and generally doesn’t have high toxicity, good biochemistry, and high nitrogen and phosphorus.

Combined with different product types and wastewater characteristics of food enterprises, targeted system solutions are applied to help enterprises achieve the goal of bringing wastewater discharge up to standards for energy recovery.

E2NRTM technology provides high efficiency and low energy consumption biochemical process system solutions to ensure that the wastewater effluent can meet the discharge standards, save energy and reduce consumption.

UAEBTM provides methanation technology to save energy and reduce consumption, recover resources in wastewater and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

UHASB® provides biological chain breaking technology, degrades organic nitrogen and organic phosphorus to improve biodegradability, and has strong impact resistance to changes in wastewater quantity and quality.

UAMMOX® solves the problem of ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in food processing wastewater under anaerobic conditions.