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Pulp and Paper Wastewater

Highlights: system solution, anaerobic methanation and biological chain breaking technology, advanced treatment and resource utilization

The papermaking industry is divided into pulping and papermaking (straw pulp, wood pulp, etc.) and waste paper papermaking. Wastewater for papermaking has large discharge, high suspended solids and poor biodegradability. In the composition of organic matter, it contains lignin, cellulose, xylan (hemicellulose) and other refractory substances.

Papermaking wastewater treatment is characterized by large energy consumption, easy scaling, a large amount of excess sludge and high operational costs. Papermaking enterprises are also committed to resource recovery, the reuse of reclaimed water and reduction of wastewater discharge. EBOEP provides systematic solutions for the characteristics of papermaking wastewater.

UAEBTM is used for methanation and biological chain breaking in papermaking wastewater to remove COD and improve biodegradability.

EBO-AerationTM low energy aeration system reduces energy consumption and avoids the problems of low efficiency and unstable operation caused by scaling and blocking of the aeration system.

EBO-Fenton® solves the problem of soluble organic matter removal from effluent of biochemical system.

Through "pretreatment + recycled fiber + physicochemical precipitation + E2NRTM (high efficiency and low energy consumption biochemical technology) + Advanced Treatment", the whole process system solution is provided for papermaking wastewater to ensure that the effluent water quality meets the discharge standard and realize resource recovery and utilization.