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Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Pharmaceutical wastewater is divided into chemical synthesis, fermentation, preparation, biological engineering, extraction and traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical wastewater. The pharmaceutical industry has a wide variety of products, complex production processes, and large differences in production scales. The wastewater produced has complex water quality, high concentration, large color, large changes in water volume and water quality, and most of the substances are biologically toxic or difficult to be biodegradable.

The poor biodegradability, high energy consumption, high treatment cost, and difficult and expensive sludge disposal in the downstream stage of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment restrict the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical wastewater needs to adopt treatment technologies with low sludge, low energy consumption, low cost, data recycling, and stable effluent quality up to standard discharge.

EBO-Fenton® Fenton catalytic oxidation technology can ensure the removal of biological toxic substances in wastewater and ensure the safe and effective biochemical treatment process of wastewater treatment. UHASB® up-flow hydrolysis acidification reactor and UAEBTM up-flow anaerobic expansion bioreactor provide biological chain scission technology to realize resource recycling.

According to the production process conditions and discharge water quality characteristics of different types of pharmaceuticals, the system solution of "pretreatment + toxic degradation + E2NRTM (high-efficiency and low-energy biochemical technology) + advanced treatment" is adopted to provide full-process low-energy treatment technology services and realize resource recovery. Ensure that wastewater discharges up to standards.