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Winery and Distillery Wastewater

Highlights: resource recovery, excess sludge reduction

Alcohol wastewater is a type of organic wastewater that has a high concentration, high temperature and high suspended solids. Water pollution is the most serious in the alcohol industry. Alcohol wastewater contains a lot of organic matter, which is very suitable for anaerobic methanation and resource utilization.

EBO-EGSBTM ensures high COD removal rate, and biogas produced by anaerobic can be recycled.

UAMMOX® upflow anaerobic ammonia oxidation reactor solves the problem of ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in alcohol wastewater.

EACRTM energy efficient nutrient removal system converts the excess sludge into high-quality biochemical carbon source for methanation and resource recovery.

E2NRTM high efficiency and low energy consumption biochemical technology process provides technical services for the overall solution of the whole process, so as to recycle the resources in the water.