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Municipal Sewage

Highlights: safe and stable, efficient and energy-saving, resource reuse and modular

The quantity and quality of domestic sewage vary greatly and are greatly affected by the climate and environment. This creates problems of energy consumption, carbon source, sludge, low temperature denitrification, resource utilization, discharge meets standards.

According to the different needs of customers, we have creatively developed safe, stable, efficient and low energy consumption sewage treatment technology, and adopted a forward-looking process combination for modular application.

E2NRTM provides high-efficiency and low-energy wastewater treatment solutions to ensure the stable discharge of wastewater meet standard, energy-saving and consumption reduction.

UAEBTM is committed to suspended solid removal and fermentation, BOD/COD ratio upgrading, organic methanation, organic nitrogen ammoniation, organic phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus, to achieve the goal of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

EBO-SNDTM creates an ecological environment in the biochemical system through intelligent control and measures to ensure microbial symbiosis, realization of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification, and achieve the goal of low energy consumption denitrification.

UAMMOX® is a new kind of anaerobic ammonia oxidation system. Through anaerobic ammonia oxidation bacteria, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite are converted into nitrogen to achieve the goal of low energy consumption denitrification.

EACRTM is a new type of carbon source recovery system, which transforms the excess sludge into high-quality biochemical carbon source and reduces the carbon source dosage.